Covid-19 important information

The current situation allows for the suspension of the Procedure established in September 2020.

We still adhere to the basic minimum recommendations: hand hygiene and not going to the center if one has fever or symptoms that are compatible with the disease.

If, at the time of your stay at the Center, the health authorities recommend additional or more restrictive measures, those will have to be respected.

The previous rules laid down by the Mariapolis Luminosa Center are still available in the attached document:

Certificación Covid-19

You must check that, for the 14 days prior to your arrival, you have not had any symptoms compatible with the disease (fever, coughing, sneezing, feeling of fatigue). If any of these symptoms have occurred, we ask you to please avoid attending your scheduled meeting at the Center unless you have taken a PCR or antigen test.

Those friends of the Mariapolis Center who want to contribute with a donation to alleviate the fixed expenses that we have in these months, can do so in the current account ES47-2100-4560-5713-0009-4969 (Fundación Igino Giordani) This donation may have tax deductions in the IRPF declaration, you can write to us with your data to