Covid-19 important information

The Mariápolis Luminosa Center has established some rules to minimize the chances of contagion. They are available in the document attached below:


You must check that, 14 days prior to your arrival, you haven’t had any symptoms compatible with the disease (fever, coughing, sneezing, feeling of fatigue). In case of these being present, we ask you to please not attend.

It is recommended that the transfer to the Center is carried out preferably by individual transport and that it is parked in the garage of the Center.

The entry to the building will be through the main entrance, and the disinfectant mat must be used each time one enters the Center.

The hydroalcoholic gel placed in the building entrance, in the meeting places and in those facilities of intensive use, must be used.

Upon arrival, a voluntary will measure the temperature with a contact-less thermometer. If the registered temperature equals or is higher than 37.5 ºC, one won’t be able to access the Center.

If your stay were to be longer than one day, a new temperature measurement will be made each morning when you go into the dining hall for breakfast.

Using a mask and maintaining the safety distance is mandatory at all times. If your stay in the center is long, you will have to bring masks to replace them properly. In the entrance hall, near the reception desk, there is a marked container for used masks.

The maximum capacity indicated at the entrance of each venue must be respected at all times, since it allows meeting the requirement of a minimum safety distance. In all activities the interpersonal safety distance must be respected.

If the symptoms appear during your stay, you must distance yourself from the rest of the people as soon as possible, notify it to the reception desk and contact the health services, 900 102 112. The isolation, while you’re indicated what you must do next, will be done at the “COVID Isolation” room, located on the 1st floor (Room E).

The maximum occupancy of the toilets in the common areas of the Hall will be 1 person, and 2 people in the toilets next to the dining hall, except for those people who may need assistance, in which case the entry of a companion will also be allowed.

The maximum occupancy of each elevator will be 1 person, except for those people who may need assistance, in which case the use by a companion will also be allowed.

It is recommended to not share objects with other clients. If there is alternation in the use of certain equipment or devices, they will be disinfected between each use.

Electronic, contact-less payment is recommended. In the case of using cash, it will be deposited into a container that prevents personal contact.

If you need help from the Center’s staff, you must head to the public service points at the reception desk, where protection screens are installed.

Upon your arrival, your room key will be in the door lock. You must keep it until the end of your stay at the Center and leave it in the same place when you departure.

Blankets will be available in the closet of each bedroom, protected inside plastic bags.

There will be no hairdryer or hair straightener loaning service.

Any bandana, disposable mask, gloves… will be deposited, to avoid contact, inside a pedal-operated bin with a lid.

To avoid agglomerations and contact between clients, the itineraries predefined by arrows on the floor must be followed.

It is necessary to maintain the separation between tables in the dining hall, to guarantee the safety distance between diners, and while one is not eating, to put the mask on again.

The use of gloves is not mandatory, unless you carry out an activity that requires it.

If health authorities recommend additional measures, or more restrictive ones, they will also have to be respected.

For groups with more than 32 attendees who spend the night at the Center, additional preventive actions may be recommended, such as rapid tests before entering the event.

Those friends of the Mariapolis Center who want to contribute with a donation to alleviate the fixed expenses that we have in these months, can do so in the current account ES48 2038 2293 7160 0034 7041 (Fundación Igino Giordani) This donation may have tax deductions in the IRPF declaration, you can write to us with your data to