About us

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The Mariápolis Luminosa Center is a centre of the Focolare Movement in Las Matas, Madrid.

We offer our premises and services to welcome and enhance dialogue among all peoples, and we try to build relationships that are more than simply good customer service.

Our goal is to be a place of welcome, where universal brotherhood can become a reality.

The Center, managed in a sustainable and professional way, is open to everyone, especially to families, young people and groups with different activities. We encourage multidisciplinary activities and meetings.

Our goals include the spreading and promoting the message of unity and reciprocity; empathy and welcome; relationships between the generations; sharing responsibility; social commitment; a spirit of service, and respecting and valuing diversity.

The Focolare Movement can be compared to a large and varied family, a “new people born of the Gospel”, as Chiara Lubich, its founder, defined it.  It is a movement of spiritual and social renewal, founded in Trent, Italy, in 1943, during World War II. The Focolare Movement, officially known as the Work of Mary, was approved by the Catholic Church in 1962. It is now present in 180 nations and more than 2 million people share closely in its life and work.

Its aim is to help to build a more united world, foster dialogue among Catholics, and with Church communities, those of other faiths, and people with no religious affiliation, so that we can go forward together towards the universal human fraternity.

The Igino Giordani Foundation, which runs this center, is a non-governmental charitable trust. It is inspired by a humanism that works to spread brotherhood among different peoples and cultural groups, and in a favor of the development of the human family. To achive this goal, it engages in various forms of dialogue and is committed to building bridges through fraternal relationships. We work in a network with international, national or local entities, which allows direct human contact between cooperants and recipients.


Chiara Lubich

Every Mariapoli Centre seeks to be a place of genuine welcome that to tries to make mutual love a reality; a place centred on formation and growth in the spirituality of unity. The centre is also open to different groups who share our desire to make the world a better place. The first Mariapolis Centre sprang up in Italy in the ‘60s. There are Centers in 46 countries,  two of them in Spain: ‘Mariapolis Loreto’ Center, in Castel D’Aro (Gerona) and ‘Mariapolis Luminosa’ Center, in Las Rozas (Madrid).


El Centro Mariápolis Luminosa fue inaugurado en el año 2002 por Chiara Lubich, fundadora de los Focolares, en su última visita a España. Su nombre evoca a Luminosa Bavosi, corresponsable del Movimiento en España desde 1970 hasta 1983; murió en 1985, dejando una profunda huella de santidad por el amor evangélico que impregnaba su vida. En 2005 se abrió el proceso diocesano de su canonización en Madrid y en 2009 comenzó su fase romana.

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