An Option for Youth

The Mariápolis Luminosa Center has made a commitment to the new generations.

Its pricing policy includes a discount of 14% on full board for children under 20 years.

Since 2018 the Center has been collaborating in projects promoted by the youth of the Focolare Movement

Collaboration with the Run4Unity 2019 (

Solidarity race promoted by “Boys for the unity” in collaboration with the municipality of Las Rozas. It takes place during the annual celebrations for the patron saint of Las Matas.

‘Strong without Violence’ Project

Initial conversations have begun on the possibility of the Mariápolis Luminosa Center becoming the permanent headquarters of the Mosaic group for this project.

‘Living Peace’ Project

In December 2019 an international event of Young ambassadors for Peace was hosted in the Center.

Due to its widespread diffusion and its positive impact, the Living Peace project has received international recognition:

  • 2016 – Harmony between the Peoples, awarded by Montecatini Town Council (Florence) – ITALY
  • 2015 – Angels of Culture, awarded by the Office of Peace and Interculture of the city of Augsburg – GERMANY
  • 2014 – Luxembourg Peace Prize, given by the World Peace Forum – LUXEMBOURG