We listen to our customers!

Since 2017, the Mariápolis Luminosa Center has placed a customer satisfaction survey in each room as part of its customer service processes.

Every week, the management team reads the surveys received, and after timely evaluation, introduces in its future tasks those suggestions for improvement received from customers, making short, medium and long term programs, according to the degree of feasibility and investment required for their implementation.

Here we highlight some of the improvements made as a result of the suggestions received:

“I think it is necessary to have a hanger on the door of the hall bathrooms to leave coats or purses.”

Hangers were installed in December 2017

 “It would not be very expensive to have a toaster for breakfast. I work in the hotel sector and people like to have warm bread in the morning.”

A belt toaster was installed in the dining room in June 2018

“It would be good to have salad as an option on all menus”

A salad island was installed in June 2018

“There is a lot of echo in the dining room, it is not easy to understand each other.”

In August 2018, a system was installed on the ceiling of the dining room that allows the sound that is produced to be absorbed, and facilitates communication and makes conversation at meals more enjoyable.

“Everything was great but I did miss having a bin to recycle paper in the meeting rooms.”

Since September 2018, a paper container has been available, and since May 2019 the containers are provided by the Ecoembes Trust.

“I wish I could have the option of churros on Sundays.”

For groups in self-service option, this has been available since October 2018

“A colleague left the room key in a place I couldn’t find and I could not leave. I suggest you install a system to be able to close and open the doors of the rooms inside without the need for a key”.

System installed in all rooms in February 2019

“It would be comfortable to be able to turn on the lights in meeting room B without having to enter the technical cabin.”

From September 2019 customers can turn all these lights on and off, as well as raise and lower the blinds, without having to enter the cabin.